Unikke madoplevelser - Utrolige omgivelser


At a great, new location in downtown Austin, House of Scandinavia will once again be the official meeting point for Scandinavian travelers during SXSW 2019, and your lounge-like home away from home. It will be the setting for inspirational talks and activities, all based on unique Scandinavian approaches to better solutions and societal, economic and environmental improvements.

SXSW is the world’s largest gathering of creative professionals and SAS will be there to present and promote the best of Scandinavian culture and unique ideas.


The new venue is at Fareground, Austin’s first food hall. Inside, the marketplace hosts an eclectic collection of cuisine from six premier local vendors, all openly seated to inspire culinary innovation and community building. The space is a place for Austin to gather, eat, relax and enjoy, all within walking distance of the heart of the city.

“Like in 2018, it’s very well located, but this one offers us more space and flexibility to cater to the needs of our Scandinavian partners and visitors. There will be lounge facilities to work from, great food and drinks and we have a huge, beautiful outdoor area to put on different activities,” says Pål Jakobsen, from SAS New Brand Experiences.

Kontakt Jonas og tal om mulighederne for dit skræddersyet event:

Vi arbejder hos Food Studio sammen med en masse fede brands, der ønsker at integrere gastronomien i deres events. Tidligere har vi i samarbejde med Bl.a. Chanel, Michelin Guide og Visit Denmark skabt nogle helt unikke mad events. Vi laver også specielle pop-up events for vores kunder, som ønsker en unik madoplevelse. Her kan man blot nyde selskabet med kollegaer, venner eller kunder alt imens holdet af kokke og tjenere sikrer gæsterne den ultimative oplevelse.

email: jonas@foodstudio.dk
telefon: +45 42 50 50 42